Goa's Cultural Extravaganza:

Goa’s Cultural Extravaganza: Festivals and Events for Families to Experience


Goa is not just the most loved holiday destination in India but also a place where cultural festivals are celebrated throughout the year. The vibrant cultural extravaganza of the coastal state is something that every tourist must experience. These festivals and celebrations that happen throughout the year not only give a glimpse of the Goa culture but also provide an opportunity to enjoy the spirit of celebration.

One of the popular festivals is the Goa Carnival. Organised in the month of February, this three-day fiesta is a wonderful celebration of music, dance and parades that attracts not just the tourists but the locals as well. If you are here during the carnival, you will see the streets come alive with colourful parades with live bands and traditional dance performances. The colourful and elaborate costumes, foot tapping music, delicious traditional Goan delicacies and fun activities that are organised makes this event a hit and a must attend for everyone. It gives a fantastic opportunity to bond with your loved ones and create lovely memories together.

When talking about Goa festivals, one cannot miss to mention the Shigmo Festival, which is celebrated in the spring season every year. It spans over a fortnight and beautifully showcases the rich cultural heritage of Goa. Folk performances, traditional parades and the famous ‘horse dance’ are some of the major highlights of this celebration. The best thing is that this festival has something for the whole family. While the kids can participate in traditional art workshops, the adults can enjoy folk performances. After spending a fun-filled day here, it would be a good idea to go for a refreshing spa at one of the best spas in Goa to get away from all the tiredness.

For music lovers, there is the International Jazz Festival which is held in the month of November. This event brings together all the famous jazz artists from across the globe, who are there to give a magical experience to all the visitors with their outstanding performances. The serene atmosphere, soothing melodies, delicious food and interactive sessions with the artists, makes this festival a memorable experience for everyone who attends it. If you are someone who loves Jazz music and wants to appreciate the beauty of this genre of music, this is one festival that you must attend.

Another momentous festival is Christmas. The state comes alive during Christmas and New Year, since it has a significant Christian population. Come here around Christmas and you will see the churches, markets, beaches beautifully decorated and lit up, creating a mesmerising ambience. The festive atmosphere during Christmas in Goa is simply contagious with families enjoying the joyous spirit while soaking in the religious aspects of this glorious festival. Head to the beach shacks or any of the best 5 star hotels in Goa as they host special events and entertainment for families, offering a delightful way to ring in the New Year.

These festivals provide a wonderful opportunity to know about the Goan culture and traditions. So if you want to be a part of the cultural extravaganza, plan a visit to Goa during these festivals. To make your stay all the more memorable, book your accommodation at any of the top 5 star hotels in Goa like The LaLiT Golf and Spa Resort Goa which are known for their luxurious facilities and excellent hospitality. The world-class facilities and warm hospitality at these hotels will make your vacation truly unforgettable.


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