The Azimut S10

The Azimut S10: A Fusion of Elegance, Innovation, and Performance


The Azimut Grande S10, which was introduced at the prestigious 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival, aimed to establish a higher standard as the flagship model of Azimut Yachts, a renowned Italian brand in the yachting industry. This particular model, which is part of the renowned Azimut S Line, presents a harmonious combination of performance, innovation, and elegance. The S10 showcases the pinnacle of contemporary yachting through the skillful sculptural design by Alberto Mancini for its outer aesthetics, and the refined refinement crafted by Francesco Guida for its internal spaces.

This combination results in a sleek and stylish package that embodies the essence of modern yachting.

Mancini’s innovative approach to yacht spatial design has been significantly influenced by the aerodynamic sleekness of sports cars and the panoramic vistas of Malibu’s coastal houses, resulting in a revolutionary vision. By deviating from conventional norms, the S10 exhibits a spacious flybridge measuring 20 square metres and a flexible main deck arrangement, which together give rise to a novel interior narrative. The inception of the yacht’s distinctive characteristic, namely the infinity terrace on the main deck aft, was a result of this unique approach. The architectural design of this structure offers a highly engaging sailing encounter, enhanced by the presence of a prominent stairway constructed from carbon and steel materials. The architectural design of this structure effectively integrates the outer spaces, creating a harmonious connection between the protected outdoor seating area and the main saloon and lounge. The terrace furniture has a notable degree of adaptability, as it can be easily reconfigured to accommodate different purposes. This versatility enables it to seamlessly transition from serving as an outdoor eating area to functioning as a dancing floor, depending on the specific requirements of the event.

The Azimut S10 has a notable association with the water with its transformational swimming transom. This feature, when activated, expands the external area by a substantial 10 square metres. Flexibility is of utmost importance inside her design. The saloon and dining areas, characterised by sophisticated curving glass doors, can be adapted to promote social engagement or guarantee seclusion, depending on the preferences of the proprietor. The bow of the vessel features a lavishly furnished lounge area, complete with comfortable sunpads and sofas, specifically designed to accommodate individuals with a refined appreciation for sunbathing. Moreover, the cockpit, divided into the flybridge and the main deck, serves as a tribute to this guiding principle. The design of this boat, being one of the early adopters of an integrated glass bridge, represents a harmonious combination of intuitive functionality and exceptional aesthetic qualities.

The accommodation accommodations, situated on the lower deck, are specifically crafted to embody the luxurious yet intimate qualities of the vessel’s architecture. The primary emphasis lies on the exquisite ensuite master cabin, which is furnished with luxurious amenities including a chaise couch, a bar and a dedicated desk or vanity area. In addition to the aforementioned amenities, there are two ensuite VIP rooms equipped with queen beds, as well as a multipurpose ensuite cabin, so ensuring that every guest may enjoy the utmost luxury while navigating the wide waters. The deliberate incorporation of a well-appointed galley, two crew cabins, and a discreet dumb waiter highlights the S10’s dedication to effectively harmonising opulence and practicality. In addition to its exceptional design and range of facilities, the S10 serves as a symbol of strength and high performance. Equipped with twin 2,600 MTU 16V engines, the vessel exhibits superior control over aquatic environments, with a maximum velocity of 35 knots and consistently sustaining an outstanding cruise speed of 30 knots. 

The Azimut S10 is a highly regarded option for discerning owners due to its exceptional qualities in sports yachts, flybridges, and luxury. For further information regarding the S10, please reach out to FGI Yacht Group at your earliest convenience.


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