Travel guides for Mauritius

Travel guides for Mauritius


Although a lot of information is easily found on the web now, many of us still start with a paper travel guide . We study the guide before departure, we take notes, we put post-its and we stuff it in our bag to have it handy and take it out at the right time once there.

Although I know Mauritius quite well, I always go with a travel guide, I have several to cross-check information. Through this article, I have listed the main guides on Mauritius knowing that most are combined with Rodrigues, the neighboring island.

As a bonus and because it’s almost Christmas , I offer you a little game to win you travel guides on Mauritius . To be more precise, there are 3 Lonely Planet Mauritius and Rodrigues guides up for grabs. To participate, I invite you to discover the terms at the end of the article.

It’s a guide my brother gave me last year when we went away together. I did not find it at Fnac today and yet it deserves its place in the list of reference guides. It is light and compact but full of good information with really relevant itinerary proposals . All the guides do not go in this smoothness for the routes, it is a point which I particularly appreciated in this guide.

The Guide du Routard everyone knows or almost. The guide to Mauritius and Rodrigues is faithful to the editions of other destinations. The guide is updated, I found the 2015 version in bookstores with no less than 274 pages. We find rather well thought-out sections: How to get there, useful Mauritius (currency, language, cuisine, etc.), Mauritius (people, culture, environment) to finally focus on the different parts of island to visit. The guide is really comprehensive . All that’s missing are some good photos…

Le Petit Futé also has a 2015 version of the guide. The information is therefore a priori up to date and this is important. The guide has 472 pages with quite a few photos to illustrate the points. The last part of the guide as for the others is devoted to Rodrigues (44 pages). I really liked the stay proposals included in the guide, but on the other hand, I liked the advertising inside the guide much less (something that didn’t jump out at me in the other guides).

The Lonely Planet Mauritius and Rodrigues guide has 248 pages and has a quality that seemed to me superior to the level of the book itself (quality of the paper, covers, solidity). There are few photos but these are grouped together at the beginning of the guide illustrating the main tourist sites not to be missed. The guide is very complete, of good quality.

I didn’t know the Geoguide at all and it’s a great discovery. 265-page guide, the information is well organized with rather nice sections: Geopanorama to understand Mauirce Island, Geopratique for useful information, a large section to discover the different parts of the island, geodocs for access to maps and maps. There is a lot of info on the country, the culture, I found it pretty good. Overall I found the guide very clear and it may be the one I will take next time.

The Green Guide or Michelin guide has 223 pages for the price of 19.90€. I found a lot of info on Mauritius, its history, its culture, maybe even too much since the part devoted to visits is quite brief in the end. The guide divides the Island into 2 large parts: the north and the east then the south and the west. Leafing through it, I found that it lacked precision and that some information was missing. It is therefore not necessarily the one I would recommend.

I’m trying the contest…  I would like to discover Mauritius for its culture which seems to be rich (much more than I imagined) and for the sun and the sea, the change of scenery in short!

Me too I’m going to try because no honeymoon made because the first was born two months before the wedding. And I dreamed a lot with your adventure.

I have been dreaming of going to Mauritius for years, I have a friend who goes there regularly and showed me incredible photos of paradise beaches

Great!!! So I’m participating because: I’m a fan of travel guides (Mauritius is not yet part of my collection!), because I would really really like to go to Mauritius (I hope in 2015!) and because the islands are a passion for me


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