visiting easter island on a budget

Ultimate guide to visiting easter island on a budget


Visiting Easter Island (or Rapa Nui) was, for both of us, a dream that came from our respective childhoods. We didn’t want to skip it. And if someone says “Easter Island” to you, you think: Dear? Moai? Mega cool? What is that ? Yes Easter Island has a cost and can hurt the wallet. So, if you also dream of visiting Easter Island at a low price, you are on the right page! Find our special low budget guide to Easter Island and set off to meet the moais, these mysterious giant statues.

The climate of the island is subtropical , the average temperatures in summer oscillate between 15° and 28° while in winter it is between 14° and 22°. “Summer” being in January and February and “winter” in July and August. Throughout the year, there can be heavy showers. May and June are said to be the rainiest months. However, we were there during the first week of June and we did not have a drop of rain during the day. On the other hand, we had heavy showers as soon as night fell. As you will have understood, there is not really a season to favor or avoid.

I would say that the climate may be a factor to take into account depending on the sports activities you want to do on site. For example, if you want to hike the whole island, avoid the months of January and February to avoid melting in place. If you are camping, be prepared, in any case, to face showers.

If you dream of Easter Island and think of going there from Paris, it is also possible. On the other hand, there is no direct flight and it is not uncommon to have 2 stopovers. In short, a long journey, but nothing impossible. Here again, it will be necessary to search on price comparators to find a not too expensive ticket from Paris to Easter Island. The cheapest I’ve seen was 904€.


It depends on your interests! The flagship activity is to see the moais of course, however, on the island you can also: swim, scuba dive, horseback ride, cycle, hike, simply relax…

We stayed 1 week there. Our initial idea was to go around the island on foot and camp as we wished… Finally, having had some health problems, we ended up renting a car. We wanted to rent a scooter, but a motorcycle license was compulsory…

Coming to Easter Island for 2 days seems really too short . It will then be necessary to respect a timing to the nearest second, no unforeseen, quick passage on certain places, a millimeter organization to make your time on the island profitable. Honestly, I don’t advise you to take so little time, it would be a shame to come to Easter Island to walk at a run.

If you are pressed for time and only want to see the moais, 3 full days will allow you to enjoy these giants without rushing too much and consider swimming for example. It really depends on how you want to visit the island. It is obvious that if you plan to rent a bike, 3 days will not be too much to see the moais and take your time at each site.

5 days on Easter Island give you a certain freedom in organizing your stay. It’s too hot today and you’re tired of flying? We don’t worry and we go swimming or see a site in the area! Would you like to see the sunset over such and such statues? Leave yourself a margin, it will allow you not to stress and to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the island.

I think it’s the ideal number of days if you have a small budget and still want to make the most of the island.

7 days on Easter Island means taking the time to take the time. The island has quite a serene vibe, in 7 days I found we had time to soak up that vibe. We were able to see and see certain moais again, do nothing for a morning or two, swim, walk around, take the time needed for each site…


Hanga Roa is THE town on the island. This is where we arrive by plane , this is where we get our supplies and this is generally where we sleep. As you will have understood, this is the meeting point on Rapa Nui. Within Hanga Roa, we find the port, a food market, a craft market, a church, a cemetery and the airport a little out of the way. There are also all the agencies for renting bicycles, scooters and cars. You can see several moais, some in the gardens of the inhabitants, obviously false, but you can see real ones near the port and along the coast to the north. Especially towards the Ahu Vai Uri.

So much for the historical part. Now, you should also know that this is one of the most beautiful spots to admire the sunset on Easter Island. You can see the sun disappear behind these majestic moais, it’s an incredible sight that we are not ready to forget!


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